The SuPer Project

At Tiger we want to increase access to reusable sanitary wear and create a sustainable solution to period poverty in the UK. That's why for every item of reusable sanitary wear we sell, we will donate one to a vulnerable person in the UK.

What is period poverty?

Period Poverty is defined as being unable to access sanitary wear products and having poor knowledge of menstruation often due to financial constraints (definition taken from 

Period Poverty in the UK….

There have been various studies on period poverty in the UK however its worth noting that many were conducted pre-covid. A study by Plan International UK found that 1 in 10 girls can’t afford to buy menstrual products, while 1 in 7 have struggled to afford them (based on a study of 1000 girls aged between 14-21).

In March 2017, Freedom4Girls found that many students were missing school or college because of the issue. In 2019, the government announced a scheme to provide free sanitary products in schools in a bid to tackle period poverty. 

The issue has developed significantly since the coronavirus pandemic with Plan UK finding that 3 in 10 girls struggled to afford sanitary wear during the first UK lockdown. This issue is likely to grow again due to the current cost of living crisis.

Periods and the Environment….

Did you know that conventional sanitary pads contain a high percentage of plastic? Some statistics show there could be up to 90% plastic in the average (Friends of the Earth) sanitary pad, not to mention the chemicals used to improve their absorbency. It’s also estimated that 1.5-2 Billion disposable sanitary items are flushed down Britains toilets every year. Although companies like Bodyform have donated over 3 million items to help support period poverty in the UK this doesn’t do much to help the environmental impact of reusable sanitary wear.


The solution…

This is why at Tiger we believe reusable sanitary wear is the solution to period poverty in the UK. Reusable sanitary pads can last up to 5 years, and although they save people hundreds of pounds over that time period the initial costs is what often deters those that need them most. This is why at Tiger we donated 1 reusable sanitary pad for every 1 we sell. We are able to provide this thanks to the wonderful volunteers who make our sanitary wear. Not only does this provide reusable sanitary wear to those that need it most, but it also ensures they have reusable sanitary wear for years to come.

Our sanitary wear is available to buy both online here or in store at our Tiger Community Hub (19-21 Listergate, NG1 7DE). 

We also offer talks in the community about sustainable periods and go out to shows and events to get people talking about their periods.