We are thinking big for 2021!

We are thinking big for 2021!

February 6, 2021

A number of great things came out of 2020 for Tiger. 


We got to work with and support 100s of people, our fabulous FTLOS volunteers, our growing Tiger Team, the frontline key workers and the vulnerable groups we supplied scrubs, accessories and face masks to.

Our central hub at the Urban Room, 38 Carrington Street is a good space to allow our team to work socially distanced and coordinate the making and distribution of 1000's of items for the community.

We have made some lovely friends and seen lots of acts of kindness, support and community spirit along the way.

We want to continue all of this through 2021.

Use of the Urban Room has always been temporary until restrictions lifted enough for it to go back to it's previous activities. We are therefore looking for new premises. We will be launching a crowdfunder shortly to raise funds to make this happen.

Our ideal new space will be big enough to house a cafe and shop. a community activity space and a training space. Providing a friendly, welcoming community space whether you want to sit down for a coffee and cafe, or get involved in our creative activities.

The other main aim for 2021 is to become financially sustainable, hence the cafe and shop. 

2020 was a financial rollercoaster chasing grant funding and fundraising to ensure we could pay the bills and cover the cost of supplies for our makes.

We have a website to sell our makes and sustainable living range, which contributes to costs:



Our Tiger Green Textiles is about bringing people together to learn and share skills with a focus on recycling. There are lots of other benefits with our activities too which support mental health, increased self esteem and confidence, pride in your achievements and not forgetting the friends you will make.

Our new home will allow us to do this and more, offering work placements to young people, volunteering opportunities, community workshops and other wellbeing activities. We will also continue to support our friends isolating in their homes, ensuring they are not alone.


You can connect with us on social media:

Facebook: Tiger Community Enterprise CIC and Tiger Green Textiles

Instagram: @tigershowcases

Twitter: @tigershowcases and @tigergreentex


You can still support our costs to supply items to the community through our donations link: http://www.tiny.cc/FTLOSDonations

Get in touch if you have any questions: toni@tigerprojects.co.uk

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