Community Making Day at Tiger

Community Making Day at Tiger

April 13th, 2023

Last Thursday, the Tiger café space was busy with people excited to participate in our community making day.

We had a lovely visit from a group of fabulous VF Northern volunteers. The group were excited to get their hands messy and made some colourful tie dye t-shirts for our shop. They were even happy to help clean up!

We are delighted that VF Northern chose to return to Tiger for the third time as part of the company’s purpose-driven volunteering initiative.

A VF Northern volunteer said: “Tiger are doing some really great things for the community, so it’s definitely a place worth supporting.”

All of the profit made from our makes and sustainable living range contributes to the costs needed to keep Tiger running, so we can continue to do our bit for the community.

To celebrate Easter weekend, a group of visitors joined our avid crafter Gill for a relaxing Easter wreath-making session.

Made out of entirely sustainable materials, the plastic greenery was kindly donated from IKEA, and each wreath was beautifully decorated with flowers and bows made from recycled clothing and fabric.

The weekly crochet group were out enjoying the Spring sunshine with experienced teacher Barbara, as she demonstrated how to do a perfect ‘magic circle’.

A group member said: “It’s a very enjoyable and relaxing activity.

“I also like how it isn’t just a skill to learn, as you get something you’ve made to take away from each lesson.”

At Tiger, we believe that being creative together is a great way to connect with others, while also discovering your potential.

Our hub therefore offers a safe and supportive environment for anyone who needs a moment to escape from the busyness of life.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to come and join us, our craft-making classes are suitable for people with all abilities.

If you would like to support Tiger to run more community-based activities, please make a donation through our Crowdfunder:

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