Best Kept Secret!

Best Kept Secret!

September 14, 2020

So we are in the middle of the crowdfunder and it's going slower than expected!

We've been out and about over the last couple of weeks giving out reusable face masks - disposable ones are very bad for the environment! - and talking to people about the work we are doing with Nottingham For The Love Of Scrubs. Our amazing volunteers across the county working away in their front rooms and the 28,000 makes they have achieved so far.

These have been given to hospitals, care homes, community nurses, GP surgeries, schools, food banks and homeless charities, plus many individuals who have contacted us.

We have raised over £550 towards our offline fundraising target thanks to the generosity of the people who visited our stalls to pick up a mask.

This project has taken over our world during lockdown so it has been surprising to find out how few people are aware of us and what we are doing. I take heart from this when I look at our crowdfunder total and hope that our opportunities to speak to people directly will result in a late rush to support!

If you have been touched by the work we have been doing over the last  6 months please help us now.

If you are able to make a donation to our crowdfunding campaign we would appreciate it.

However, it would also be helpful to share the link to the crowdfunder far and wide so that we can gain as much support as possible to reach our target.

Here is the link: Support our crowdfunder

If you need scrubs request them here

If you need face coverings for your vulnerable group request them here

Buy reusable face coverings from us here

Follow our community project on social media:

Facebook: Tiger Green Textiles


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