2022 and still making for the community

2022 and still making for the community

January 21st, 2022

by Toni Jarvis


We sure have been quiet for a while!

After a busy pandemic making items for the frontline and vulnerable groups we were expecting to drop back a bit and refocus on community activities and getting the Tiger Community Hub up and running.

However, things got delayed!

We moved out of Carrington Street with no new home to go to, so everything had to go into storage.

​We are hoping for good news soon and will announce it when we can.

This hasn't stopped us from being busy though.

We've continued with our community making. The Super Project relys on volunteer support with making our reusable period products so we can give starter packs to those in period poverty.


We have also been responding to requests from local hospitals in need of drain bags. This is a great project for less experienced sewers and is also a great way to recycle duvets and other bedding.

Keep in touch with our activities via our Facebook pages:


Tiger Green Textiles


The Super Project

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