Special Launch Price - Reusable Sanitary Wear: Dark Pink
Special Launch Price - Reusable Sanitary Wear: Dark Pink
Special Launch Price - Reusable Sanitary Wear: Dark Pink

Special Launch Price - Reusable Sanitary Wear: Dark Pink

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Our Reusable Sanitary Wear has been designed with you in mind.

Dark Pink: 

These pads are made from a woven dark pink outer combined with a cute bug brushed cotton top layer.

Yes you want to help reduce plastic waste but you want efficiency too.

We researched reusable sanitary wear components, including the specialist materials that can be used for absorption and waterproofing. We wanted to combine that with reducing environmental impact and providing a pad that works, feels soft against your skin with natural materials that reduce sensitivity and itching.

We believe we have the right combination of materials to tick those boxes.

Top layer, closest to your skin, 100% brushed cotton - not only does this begin to wick moisture away from your skin and towards the absorbency layer, it is in itself absorbent and also soft against sensitive skin.

Absorbent layer, Zorb - a specially produced, environmentally friendly absorbent material.

Waterproof layer - PUL - we decided on this material as it is most effective and will give long term protection.

Outer layer - 100% cotton - if you are going to have something close to your skin then a natural material is best.

What size do you need?

The first size label is XS through to XL - this is referring to body size, or the length and width of the pad. You may prefer a smaller size for daytime and larger for over night.

Approximate pad length (varies slightly as these are handmade by our volunteers):

XS - 19 cm

S - 22 cm

M - 25 cm

L - 28 cm

XL - 31 cm

The Second size label shows the absorbency level:

S - light/daily liner

M - regular flow

L - heavy flow

Choose the option that works for you.


S/S would be a small pad suitable as a daily liner

M/L would be a medium pad suitable for heavy flow

How do they work?

There are poppers which will attach your pad around your knickers to hold it in place during use.

Wash with a regular load, do not use fabric conditioner as this will affect the absorbency of your pad over time. You may wish to pre-soak heavily soiled pads, prior to washing, to avoid staining.

The SuPer Project

By purchasing from our Reusable Sanitary Wear range you will be supporting our SuPer Project, making sustainable periods accessible to all.

We work with disadvantaged groups in the UK, providing reusable sanitary wear and running workshops to teach people to make their own reusable sanitary wear.